Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Facilitation Dream Team

The content and complexity of your web conference will determine the facilitation team needed. In general, you need a facilitator and a producer to carry out key tasks such as:

Facilitator Role

  • Main speaker, subject matter expert.

  • Advances slides. Engages audience verbally.

  • Not active in chat. Comments verbally on what others type.

  • Comments on poll results.

  • Leads and debriefs exercises.
Producer Role

  • Web conferencing expert. May or may not be familiar with subject.

  • Explains technical features. May kick off and conclude the session.

  • Active in chat. Engages audience by posting and responding to questions/comments. Prompts facilitator to address chat questions. Types key messages to reinforce learning as facilitator speaks.

  • Opens/closes polls.

  • Explains how exercises will run.

What does your faciliation dream team look like?

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